How to Interpret Pregnancy Test Result and Beta HCG

Most questions regarding pregnancy testing are in relation to the outcome. Interpreting is not always so easy, but with this little help you can become much simpler to understand what the report means. When we do the blood pregnancy or urine test at home, we can be insecure with those numbers or the test line because not everyone knows how to interpret the result of the pregnancy test means. Two lines, but one is too weak? What does that number of numbers mean in my beta HCG result? Let’s go there for the explanations!

Pharmaceutical Testing

I’ll start with the pharmacy test. These tests are increasingly effective in detecting the hormone HCG. Some of them promise effectiveness in up to 99% of cases when there is menstrual delay right? We can say that the test with two lines is positive yes , be it of any coloration, but some of them more bring doubts than certainties. The pregnancy test has the ability to react to the amount of HCG in the urine . It should be done by immersing the absorbent tip in the pee and waiting for the time recommended by the label of each manufacturer. Usually the result comes out in three to five minutes. Two positive lines, independent of the staining of the second line (the test line).

The reason for this line getting clearer is the amount of HCG present in the urine but also the sensitivity of this test. Some tests are able to detect from 25mUi of HCG in the woman’s urine. Others from 10mUI. This difference seems to be small, but for an early pregnancy it is a considerable advance. The clearer and smoother the result line, the less HCG would have in the pee. When the line is much clearer than the control line, it may indicate that the amount is still low and that the production of HCG is very early on . It is advisable to repeat the test within 48 hours which is a considerable time for the hormone to rise and become more evident to the test reagents. The result of the pharmacy pregnancy test should be interpreted as positive if there are both lines and negative if there is only one line, the control line. If there is only the test line or none of these the test is invalid .

Blur on Test Result

Another situation where the one who uses the pharmacy tests passes, is the test blur. For anyone who has never taken a pharmacy pregnancy test, imagine a blurry window. This ink dye blur used to demarcate the result may be confusing if it is completely scattered around the right test area? So even if a subtle line appears there in that place, it is necessary to disregard it and do it again with a new strip.

Evaporation Line

Could not talk about top pregnancy tips testing without mentioning the lines of evaporation. It can come up in the pharmacy test and shuffle everything. What once was negative, can become a positive and interpret the result of the pregnancy test wrongly can bring serious consequences. The idea is to read the result in a maximum of 10 minutes! After this period a false positive is risked by the evaporation line or in tests with a blue dye such as Clear Blue for example.

How to Interpret the Result of the Beta HCG Pregnancy Test?

The beta is the biggest doubt of many women. The problem is exactly in the result of the blood pregnancy test or rather  the quantitative beta HCG , the one that shows exactly how much hormones there is in a woman’s blood. Some labs only place the number and the minimum reference on the side, but for lack of experience, insecurity or not believing what they are seeing, the result of the beta pregnancy test is one of the top questions on the site. We can say that to be sure of what is written in the report, we must take into account the reference of the laboratory, so the result of pregnancy may be easier to read. Let’s say that the laboratory has a minimum amount of 25mUI of HCG in the blood to consider positive and the test gives 1.2 mIU, this woman is not pregnant. Reference for most laboratories is 25 or 50 mUI correct? All the results below are examples, accompany the reasoning:

Examples of Results

Result: 124.00mUi> Positive because it would be above the reference value or 25 to 50 mUI.

Result: 2.4mUI>Negative , any sample less than 25 in this case is not for pregnancy.

Result: > 25mUI>Positive , because the signal in front of the number says that the sample has an amount greater than 25mUI.

Result: < 25mUI>Negative , because it shows that the amount of hormones is below 25mUI.

Result: 10mUI>Undetermined , the test contains HCG samples but is not yet sufficient to show the positive.

Any test result of pregnancy above 25 or 50 is certainly positive, however it is advised to repeat in a week to see the evolution of the test (when it is quantitative beta). Ideally, the test almost doubles its value in up to 3 or 4 days . To follow up this evolution is indicated to do in this time frame.

Undetermined Result

The indeterminate tests are common to happen. They occur because the pregnancy is recent. The tendency for indeterminate tests is that they evolve, but if they continue in the same situation in 10 days, it is likely to be a chemical pregnancy or even a micro-abortion . The important thing is to repeat the blood test in the same lab . If it is not possible, the parameter will change and it is not to take the old one in consideration, it is advisable to repeat in the same place to avoid misunderstanding or scares. The beta evolves faster for some women than for others but in all they should show satisfactory results in a week . Care and do not despair, repeat and talk to your doctor and of course, no hurried ultrasound, wait for medical indication to do ok?

What is HCG Hormone?

GanadatrofinaCariônica Humana, the famous HCG. Pregnancy Hormone !!! When the fertilization occurs, the zygote goes slowly to the uterus and if the endometrium (the famous layer that sheds in the menstruation ) is in good conditions of thickness and texture, it fixes giving birth to the pregnancy.

Responsibility of HCG

The HCG is one of the important factors responsible for pregnancy, it prevents the corpus luteum from being destroyed, the corpus luteum is the one that excretes the progesterone and there was where the ovum was matured and then excreted and taken to the fallopian tubes where it was fertilized by the sperm. This is a pregnancy-only hormone and goes up very quickly at first, since it is at this stage that it is primordial. Through it you can detect the pregnancy and also the approximate time of gestation. The pharmacy tests have a reagent that causes that positive line to appear when there is HCG in the woman’s urine and already the laboratory tests have the same function and are very similar in the method of execution. The biomedical only does the exchange of urine for blood plasma and if it is positive, it can dose the amount of HCG present in the plasma sample. If the test result is written only REAGENT, the test was done the same as the urine test, without hormone count, it is the qualitative HCG test . But if it comes like the one from the photo below with hormone counting is a quantitative exam (which measures hormone count).

When Do I Consider Positive Then the HCG Hormone Test?

This is an example of a quantitative HCG laboratory test result of 307.2 mui / ml, being above 25 mui / ml already positive . So I was really pregnant! And pregnant for approximately 3 weeks according to a table that exists for comparison of amount of HCG present.

My pregnancy test done in the last pregnancy

The tables exist to help, but they end up disrupting sometimes, since it can happen that the woman had ovulated after the period that the menstruation could indicate, as for example: the normal cycle is of approximately 28 days, and counts 14 days to from the first day of menstruation, then

28-14 = 14

The menstruation would occur around the 14th day of the cycle, but as in my case my cycle was 31, 33 days, I considered that the menstruation could be around the 15th day until the 17th day causing a difference that is rather great in this phase . There are several tables, but it was the one that worked out the best for me in two pregnancies. There are also chances of appearing out of pregnancy but alas it is very rare, there are some types of tumors that can excrete HCG, but in a small amount that a pregnancy test would not accuse.

Undetermined Exam

My examination went on indefinitely several times until I was positive, would I be half pregnant? No, this is not even rare, the problem that some laboratories have a somewhat high limit to positivize, and thus stays in the middle, neither discards nor confirms gestation. It is advisable to repeat the test in 48 hours, because within this period it is predicted that it practically doubles its value. But in some cases the test may not double or increase, otherwise you should see your doctor because you may have had a fertilization and a start of implantation and there is a chemical pregnancy . But if you want to get pregnant and have menstruation delayed 2 months? The chances of getting pregnant reduce! This is because the woman may not ovulate because of hormonal disorders, whether passing or not. So the best thing is to talk to your doctor. The vast majority of practitioners indicate appropriate medications to help menstruation go down. If it does not come after use, other measures should be taken. But before any procedure, you should take a pregnancy test to check for a baby. But the question that does not want to shut up: How many days of menstrual delay is considered pregnancy? Can! But be aware of the time it takes for the HCG to rise in the body. It takes 48 hours to almost double its volume. If the test was negative, it is better to wait another 2, 3 days and repeat the test to clear the doubt.

Readers’ Questions:

How to calculate if your period is delayed?

To know if delayed menstruation is necessary to know how your menstrual cycle works and what the next menstruation is predicted. If it does not go down on the expected day the later day is counted as the first day of the menstrual delay.

How to regulate delayed menstruation?

Treatment to regulate delayed menstruation is theoretically simple. If the cause is only hormonal, treatment with appropriate contraceptive or regulatory drugs for that case may definitely resolve. Most treatments are contraceptive-based, but for women who want to get pregnant, it is indicated that they regulate menstruation while not preventing ovulation, such as cyclo- gram-based drugs or progesterone-based drugs such as Ultrogestan or Evocanil.

Late menstruation when stop taking contraceptive, is it normal?

Yes, since the intake of contraceptives is about the ingestion of hormones and failing to take the body will need to adjust naturally to the new hormonal levels.