Did You Know That You Can Get Free Baby Items At The Hospital Or Birthing Center?

 When you are preparing for the new baby at the end stages of pregnancy, you are going to be making a list of items to buy in order to have prepared for when the baby arrives. And if you are planning to give birth at the hospital or a birthing center, you have been advised to have the labor bag packed by 36 weeks as labor can technically happen at that point. However, that is still quite early, but it is always best to be prepared instead of scrambling at the last minute. However, when you are packing items for the labor bag, you will want to know that some of the items that you are ready to spend money on, don’t! Put your wallet away because if you are giving birth at a hospital or at a birthing center, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of baby items that you can get for free that are just as good as if you were to purchase them at your local CVS or Walgreens. The following free baby items that you can get at the hospital are:

A Nasal Aspirator – You don’t need to buy a nasal aspirator at all because the hospital or birthing center will provide it, and the baby will need it because they will not know how to blow their noses. Unfortunately, their immune systems are immature and can catch colds very easily, with that said, you will need a nasal aspirator handy for when it happens. But there is no need to buy it anywhere when you can get it at the place you are delivering your baby for free.

Swaddling blankets – You may have put swaddling blankets as items that are needed on the baby registry, or you had already bought some. However, you can also snatch some at the hospital or birthing center where you are delivering the baby. There is never any harm in having too many blankets after all!

Pacifier – You don’t need to buy any pacifiers because of the fact that the hospital provides them for free as they do in order to encourage the baby to suck.

Formula – Yes, you need to have formula on hand whether you are breastfeeding or not since most of the time the baby needs to have supplementation. However, you can also pick up some cans of formula at the hospital or birthing center as they have plenty for moms to take home with the baby!

Diapers And Wipes – Yes, once again, you will need to have diapers and wipes available, however, if you don’t have many at home, you can always snatch plenty at the hospital or birthing center when you bring the baby home so you have enough to get through the first few days!

Disposable Change Pads – There is a good chance that the diaper bag you have already has a portable changing pad. However, the fact is that you may not have had a moment to open it up and the last thing you want to do is fiddle with anything after having a baby. This is why you will be given plenty of disposable diaper pads to take home with you when the baby is ready to go.

A Baby Thermometer – You may not be aware of this but save your money when it comes to getting a thermometer for the baby! You can get one for free at the hospital or birthing center. In fact, they may even just give it to you as you will need to check your baby’s temperature often as you already know that their immune systems are immature. This way, if they are running a higher temperature, you can get them right over to the hospital if necessary and in order for you to know, you will need a thermometer. And the hospital or birthing center staff will make sure you go home with one.

A Hat And Onesie – You probably have this newborn hat and onesie on your list of things to get for the baby, however, if you forgot to buy it, no harm done. The hospital or birthing center will provide it for you as you can take their hats and onesies home with you when the baby goes home! Now that you know what freebies you can get at the hospital or birthing center, you can save your money and buy items for the baby that you will not be able to get for free at these facilities!